The act of reaching out to a Life Coach to help one overcome difficult situations in life is not an easy thing to do for many people. Me included. Recent events contrived to force a situation where I really did need to take stock of things, not just in my career but my whole work/life balance. For nearly 30 years I had been working in the IT space. Although these years had been rewarding financially the truth is that for the last 5 years I was not particularly happy and I was feeling more and more stressed. I recognized that there was an imbalance in my life, that I was not having fun and enjoyment but I was not doing anything about it.

Recently, I decided to do something about it. Having known Catherine through our BNI Chapter I made a decision to use her services to try and take stock and plot a course forwards for me that would make me happier and more fulfilled. Catherine was an excellent choice. Through meeting her weekly for an hour or so over a period of 4 weeks, Catherine helped me to map out a future strategy that will enable me to transition […] out of IT and to work on projects that I want to work on. Where I can be happier, learn new things and build relationships with outside the IT space. Part of this strategy also includes doing some voluntary work in the community. With Catherine’s advice and mentoring I am mapping out a future where in any one week I will have a varied diary that involves me working on and participating in different things adding a perspective and balance to my life that had been missing.

I have no hesitation in recommending Catherine’s services to anybody who feels that they are not particularly happy or fulfilled for whatever reason. Catherine listens to you and she asks the right questions. You can’t buy experience and Catherine bring a lot of life experience that can benefit all of us at difficult times.

Jeff S


I started working with Baudino&Co because I was at a turning point in my life, but lacked direction. Baudino helped me to realise where it was I wanted to go as well as formulate a strategy on how best to get there.
Baudino provided a wholly reliable, compassionate but deeply constructive mentoring process and I am beyond grateful for everything they have done for me.
There is no doubt that I would not be where I am now without their guidance and I could not recommend Baudino&Co more highly.

Mathilda E

Nothing is more stressful than having to send out application after application and if you’re lucky to hear back being told that you just weren’t right. After months of slaving away and not knowing where I was going wrong, I could not have been happier to discover Baudino&Co.
We sat down and reviewed my CV, did interview prep and not long after I finally made it past the first stage and “into the boardroom”.
Using the Baudino template I knew the right things to say, the right experiences to draw on and at each interview I was getting further and further in the process able to really show off skills I had forgotten.
Now I’m finally at the beginning of my dream career ladder.

Didi E
Legal Department, International Banking

I have known Catherine for a number of years, and my assessment is that she is a particularly effective mentor. What sets her apart is that she only started as a mentor following a notable international career, where she held chief executive positions in a number of high profile companies.
This depth of experience, added to her perceptiveness and skill in positive challenge makes her particularly effective.

Richard W
Corporate Executive


Catherine is more than a mentor, she is now a friend. I chose Catherine as my mentor since at our group introduction her flamboyant professionalism is catching.
Catherine will always hold your hand, but always supports you to get yourself back up if you fall.Catherine gets you to where you want to go, however it’s you that leads the way. Catherine is there with you on your journey, but more importantly there when you get there.

Catherine directly got me through the toughest time in my life. This was while I was suffering from Post-traumatic Stress Disorder when newly discharged from the British Army after serving 25 years.
And now with Catherine’s continued support I have started a business.

Mark T
Veteran Soldier

I have worked with Catherine for over 3 years, Catherine has the sensitivity to relate to people at any level. Dealing with my relationship issues not only as a listening and compassionate ear, she has been able to direct and guide me through this testing time. Catherine is highly professional in what she undertakes and has been a true rock!

Michelle C
Personal Trainer, Nutrition and Lifestyle Coach

Catherine’s coaching techniques are very unique! Her vast professional experience, unique outlook on life and great sense of humour instils confidence and belief to everyone around her.
Throughout my sessions/chats with Catherine she gave me the belief and desire to redirect my focus on succeeding with the finance industry. Subsequently I applied to the world renowned Mountbatten program and have gained employment […] in the Global Markets Division at HSBC.

Charles B
Associate, International Banking

My personal hero is my mentor, an English-French lady with immense knowledge, a brilliant entrepreneurial attitude, an inimitable class and outstanding sense of humour too. Catherine has helped me

  • to always do the right thing
  • to value others and help them whenever I can
  • to always plan ahead, work hard and do my best in any situation
  • to be a life-long learner, to smile and keep a sense of humour even when things get tough
  • and, of course to love, support and protect the people I love.

Furthermore, Catherine not only helped me grow as a person, but also indirectly showed me that – nothing is impossible if you want it!
In fact, Catherine, herself, – prior to becoming coach and mentor, has enjoyed an extremely successful career as the first ever European Business Development Director for NASDAQ Stock Market, CEO of Maxwell Satellite Communications and other successful activities.

Federico M

I was recommended to Catherine by a collegue as I was about to start working for Sapoto on a full-time basis, which involves me taking more responsibility for growing the business successfully. Such success depends largely on my ability to develop my soft business skills onto a par with my Google skills.

At the tender age of 20 years 6 months, that’s easier said than done. But over the last 3 months, Catherine has been an invaluable source of support. Never patronising, she has never restricted my contributions and efforts in our mentoring sessions, whilst at the same time giving independent and expert advice. This has led to significant progress in my personal skills, both in business and in life.

Catherine’s mentoring sessions are informal, but don’t for a moment think that she runs a talking shop! Since working with Catherine, I have been able to improve on my presentation skills when delivering a BNI 60 second pitch, and received good feedback from a number of Presidents. I have also successfully handled money discussions with a client, as well as a challenging personal relationship. From start to finish, I have learned more about business meetings, 1-to-1s and the best way of conducting yourself. Catherine doesn’t run a talking shop - she runs an action station!

I would gladly recommend Catherine to people seeking a professional and trustworthy mentor, for three main reasons. Firstly, she is a trustworthy person to confide in confidence. You can be assured that the discussions you have with her stays between yourself and her. Secondly, points of action agreed at the end of each meeting is a tangible indicator of how your investment in Catherine yields a return of value for you and your business! Thirdly, whilst definitive and focused, Catherine’s sessions aren’t of the typical business coaching course. There’s no course to sign up for, no minimum term, no pre-prepared agenda. Catherine is able to bring the best out of you by allowing you to set the agenda, and let her know what you want to improve.