Dr Catherine herself has worked (at senior/board level) in a number of different industries (defence, barter, financial publishing, telecoms and finance) Who better to advise you than someone who has walked the walk?

Living Segue™ is not limited to those in mid-life crisis, semi-retired or retired but for:

  • Recent graduates uninspired by the subject(s) they had heartily embraced but no longer do
  • Next career steppers
  • Returning military from active service to civilian life
  • Those moving up and over
  • Crossovers from a discipline, style or industry sector to another.

After all, Catherine has transitioned in 3 separate sectors, and is best placed  to:

  • Address your conundrum
  • Gain clarity
  • Define your new purpose.

Please feel free to email us if this resonates with you.

Our approach to Living Segue takes the form of 3x initial 1 hour consultations in which we ascertain:-

your values
your priorities
your strengths

From this point, we agree an ongoing program tailored around you and your career aspirations, developing alongside your journey to a new career.